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The Money Trap…

For over four decades now I’ve worked for myself in the arts.  I’ve tried leaving a few times… but in the end, this is where I wind up.  And because this is where I was obviously where I was meant to be, I’ve stuck around and tried to make the

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You’ve Got Your Product… Now What?

If you’re like most of us, you’ve put a lot of thought and probably a fair amount of resources both financially and spiritually into your work.  Finally you’ve arrived at something you’re proud to create and something you think will be competitive in the market… but now what?  How can

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Are We Paying Too Much For Show Fees?

How Much Is Too Much For A Show Fee? It seems as though this is the time of year when a fair number of shows choose to announce the new, higher fees.  With everything in the whole world costing more and more every month, there certainly is some justification for

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Thieves Among Us!

These days all of us know how hard we have to work to make the same amount… or maybe somewhat less money than we made just a few years ago.  Well that’s what recessions do.  But in any case we have more money invested in show fees, product cost, gas,

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Getting The Most From Your 10′ X 10′

I’ve written that space size down so many times over the years that I swear my fingers can do it all by themselves!  10’X10’ is clearly the standard of the industry.  Of course any show sponsor who has actually mapped out true 10’X10’ spaces certainly has had to do a

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Is it REALLY your work… or NOT?

WHAT IS MY WORK? A.) an art B.) a craft C.) a commercial business D.) all of the above E.) none of the above The title of this article is a question all of us face at some time during the year.  What first comes to mind is April 15th

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Choosing the PERFECT Show!

Whether you’re an “Old Salt” at booking your shows… or if you’re brand new to the art and crafts show market, one of the most important things you can do is to attempt to select the right kind of shows to participate in.  Of the thousands of events available to

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Pop The Top on Sales!

Whenever I go to a show and look down a street that’s lined with hundreds of exhibitors or maybe some park crammed completely full, it’s interesting to note that although there are a lot of people with similar items… one or two of those people will always be the “shining

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Getting Creative With Making A Living…

Are you an exhibitor looking for events? CLICK HERE to see our monthly newsletter at Where The Shows Are!!! Making a living in the arts is not particularly easy.  I’ve been doing it for the last 47 years and I can tell you that as soon as I think I

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First Show Jitters…

It’s Friday afternoon and you’re on your way to the first show you’ve ever participated in.  If your extra lucky you have someone who loves you no matter what (wife, husband, mother, father, child) sitting beside you and ready to help with the work once you get there.  Your inventory

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First Year Shows… Worth Trying or NOT!

There are a lot of choices and dilemmas we face as artists and craftsmen… some are easy, some not so much!  Choosing whether to participate in a first year event is one of those situations I’ll put in the “dilemma” category!

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